H. Fieldstone Thorley was a background character on The Dick Van Dyke Show, S2 E26 “I’m No Henry Walden,” which aired 27 March 1963.

Played By: Frank Adamo.


Image: CBS, "H. Fieldstone Thorley" (1963), screen shot, From the Dick Van Dyke Show "I'm No Henry Walden."

Character Description:

Thorley was a party guest and prominent poet lauded by his fellows at a party attended by the Petries (main characters). His character was briefly shown during the roll call of prominent intellectual contributors.

He was purposefully coded queer by the episode’s creators, using queer coding of the period in his appearance, comportment and manner of speaking. His depiction was further accented by the titles of his books, which are not only coded, but even a very well hidden bit of sexual metaphor: Lavender Lollipops and Point Me to the Moon.

He has been equated by some scholars as a reference to Alan Ginsberg a famous queer author and activist in the later 1950’s.

According To:

Quinn Miller, “The Dick Van Dyke Show, Queer Meanings” :

On the character’s name- “…The Writer’s abbreviated name reinforces these associations with gender and sexual non-conformity, given its sense of anonymity and the resonance of “H.” both with canonical gay author W.H Auden and the queer avant-garde writer and filmmaker  H.D. With his stock ‘beatnik characteristics, he also serves as a doppelganger for Alan Ginsberg…”- Quote,  Miller, Q. How To Watch Television (p.115) 2013.

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